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Wire seal

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Wire seal

The wire seal can be used for metering device validation solutions - as substitution for the traditional leaden seal.

The protection system consists of three pieces:

  • transparent casing
  • snap lock insert
  • wire in galvanized braiding

Each seal has laser-engraved markings on both elements:

  • on the casing - company logo and serial number
    (7 digits + 7 letters)
  • the insert - repetition of the casing number (7 digits)

Wire seal heat resistance: (-30oC); 80oC.

ø 1-1,2mm wire string in galvanized braiding is recommended.

Removal of the seal is possible only by cutting the wire.

The wire seal is protected by protective laws of the Polish Patent Office (application P-375775 17.06.2005) and has received an unlocking-resistance certificate from the Police Department's Criminalistics Lab on 15.07.2005.